We enjoyed all of our visits!

Nancy, you provided us with an amazing prenatal care! We enjoyed all of our visits knowing we are in good hands and our questions are always answered and respected. Knowing you may be gone for when we go into labor, you arranged a backup midwife to ensure our safety and comfort. Thank you for being so supportive, loving, and wonderful! Throughout the process we knew we can trust your medical expertise and rely on your experience. The birth center was a great facility for labor and birth. Thank you!

I can never thank you enough.

I can never thank you enough.

Nancy, you assisted Veronica Lassen and I in delivering our son Samuel nearly 8 years ago. I have never forgotten you and by some strange urging I felt the need to look both you and Veronica up here. So glad to find you, yet deeply sad about what I’ve found with my first sweet midwife. I cannot tell you the difference you made for me with my future children (we have 5 now) or the amazing things I’ve accomplished because of the influence you had on me during that delivery. I can never thank you enough.

Jessica Perso
Your presence made it a wonderful and amazing experience

Your presence made it a wonderful and amazing experience

10 years ago today Nancy Draznin supported me as my Doula as I delivered my firstborn son Richard!!! Nancy was there with me for almost 24 hours I believe. She was amazing and it was so wonderful to have her there with me to lean on!!! It sure doesn’t seem like it was that long ago! Your presence at my birth made it a wonderful and amazing experience and I am so glad that I had you there to share it with me! Thank you for all you do for all of us mama’s Nancy!



I had the most wonderful and fabulous experience of my life allowing Motherwise Midwifery to aid, educate and assist me during my pregnancy and birth. I absolutely recommend Motherwise Midwifery and invite anyone to call me for a referral about my experience.

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Motherwise Midwifery Statistics

  • 44 deliveries
  • 7 VBACs (100% VBAC rate)
  • 3 transfers in labor (6%)
  • 0 episiotomies

  • 30 clients
  • 6 transfers in labor (20%)
  • 3 c-sections (2 in labor = 6%, one prior to labor for fetal distress for a total of 10%)
  • 1 newborn transfer for respiratory difficulty
  • 1 maternal transfer post-partum for perineal laceration

  • 30 clients
  • 0 transfers in labor
  • 2 transfers for preterm labor
  • 3 VBACs performed successfully
  • 4 transfers out prior to labor

  • 18 clients
  • 1 transfers in labor
  • 0 c-sections
  • 4 VBACS

I will be moving to the Nest Birth & Wellness center in Pullman, WA in July 2020.

Please visit the Nest website for more information or if you would like to contact me.