Sullivan's Birth Story

On October 20th I was lucky enough to have my little son (Wow, still feels weird to say!) Sullivan, enter the world in the comfort of my own bedroom!

It was an amazing experience! I had been in pre-labor for a few days and was in pretty decent pain from a ligament that Sully probably had his head on. I was becoming quite exhausted, as I really had not slept in 2 days due to contractions and that darn ligament! My amazing midwife, Nancy, came over and confirmed that I was quite physically ready to have this little fellow and she suggested that if we wanted to, we could break the waters and get things started! We are kind of wondering if the discomfort I was in actually was delaying labor from starting on its own!  We elected to get things going before I became any more tired.

BEST CHOICE EVER. Almost immediately after she broke the waters at 12:45pm, the ligament pain was GONE. Now, while the contractions of labor were intense and unbelievably humbling, that ligament pain had been worse! When labor started less than two hours later, I was ready! First thing I will tell you all: Warm water is natures gift to laboring women!! They (Nancy was accompanied by her fellow midwife, Noel ) got me into a pool of it, and poured it over my tummy. Jett was amazing during all of this. He brought me anything I needed, encouraged me, and perhaps most importantly, just held me.

I quite lost track of time. All I know is that I spent time in a birth pool, then a tub, became too cold (it was just me- the house was a sauna, I realized after the birth) and ended up in the bedroom. I was not a dignified birther! I hollered- not from pain, mind you. It is just unbelievable how much energy is going through your body when you are giving birth. Sometimes the only way to center myself was to scream! And the best part? Since I was in my own home, no one told me to hush! I am generally quite reserved about yelling, but I LOVED screaming, lol! It felt marvelous and primal and quite frankly I doubt I could ever make such wonderfully primordial sounds in any other situations.

I was also exhausted and quite obviously hormonal. I never yelled at anyone, but I did get a little snippy if folks talked too much, lol. My midwives were lovely about keeping me updated about how far out Sully was, but at some point I ceased being interested and just wanted him OUT. The updates started to bug me, as they just reminded me he was still in there!

I *think* I pushed for about an hour and a half? This may sound like a long time, but the contractions slowed and I actually had some yogurt in between to get things going again.

Labor is oddly set up, I think, so that you sympathize with the baby you are about to have. I was too shaky to feed myself, so Jett and the midwives had to feed me the yogurt and hold my drinks.

I think I pushed in 3 positions- first on a birth stool, the leaned against Jett on my bed, then hands and knees (my favorite) and then back to the birth stool.Now, while labor was super intense, and at time quite uncomfortable, I cannot say it was the “worst pain of my life”. Close to it, but not quite. I made it though with only one moment that I clearly remember as painful- the contractions right before Sully entered the world. Sully has a 15” head, is 22” long and weighed just under 9 lbs- he was 8lbs and 15 ounces! Apparently that is a good bit bigger than the average, lol! It needed a little more room than I could provide. While I really did not feel it when I tore, I sure as heck felt myself stretching prior to the tear, and I did NOT care for that. But, the tears themselves hardly registered except as a huge feeling of relief. Sully’s head was out, and one good push later at 7:15pm, so was the rest of him! Jett was behind me the entire time, letting me crush his poor hands (he insists I didn’t hurt him) and supporting my weight in any way I needed. I don’t think I have ever felt so close to him. It may sound hokey, but it was like we shared energy.

After about 6 hours of labor, Sully was out and they plopped him right on my tummy. That’s when I realized how big he was! He literally knocked the wind out of me! I picked him up, and Jett and I both realized we had a Boy! He was lovely, and we got him all washed up and took that photo I posted. I was able to crawl up into my own bed with my husband and baby boy. Sully was hungry almost right away!

In summary, it was a wonderful experience. I would not have changed a single thing, or have numbed any part of the experience…well, except maybe the tear, lol!! But really, that was still not my worst pain ever, and it was AMAZING to feel my little guy enter the world.


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