Birth Stories

My Birth Story

So I went into prodromal labor (sorta like false labor) on monday night (WHILE I was at birth class no less! However none of our practice contractions were in sync with mine! My prodromal labor continued through tuesday, thankfully giving me breaks at night to sleep. Wednesday morning I woke up early and KNEW I […] Read the full story

A Homebirth Blessing

Knowing that I would give birth at home, with my midwife Nancy, assisting midwife Noel, and doula Machelle, was a huge comfort to me. It was such a relief to know that I would be doing the hard work of labor in familiar surrounds and recovering without interruptions from nurses and visitors. My due date […] Read the full story

Sullivan’s Birth Story

On October 20th I was lucky enough to have my little son (Wow, still feels weird to say!) Sullivan, enter the world in the comfort of my own bedroom! It was an amazing experience! I had been in pre-labor for a few days and was in pretty decent pain from a ligament that Sully probably […] Read the full story

My all-natural labor and birth!

Abigail was due January 10, 2009. had a strong feeling she’d arrive on her due date, especially once I learned it was the full moon… but I didn’t tell anybody I thought so, because I didn’t want them all to laugh at me when I went three weeks overdue or something. Apparently I should have […] Read the full story
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