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Nancy Drasnin
Welcome! At Motherwise Midwifery Service, LLC we believe in the power of women’s bodies to give birth naturally. Nancy Draznin, LM, CPM has twenty-four years’ experience working with mothers and babies. She has helped hundreds of women achieve satisfying birth experiences. We offer the most experienced midwife on the Palouse, easy access to your provider, and supportive, warm, individualized care. Certified Professional Midwives (CPMs) are the experts in out-of-hospital birth. We promote normal, healthy pregnancies and deliveries.

In the privacy and comfort of their own homes or at the birth center, women are able to relax and give birth naturally. Each woman and each labor is unique. Midwifery care allows every woman to discover how she gives birth guided and supported by her midwife and loved ones. We support the use of warm water as a comfort measure for labor. We are happy to provide care for women seeking vaginal delivery after a cesarean delivery (VBAC), in accordance with Idaho law.

As more women have recognized the advantages of out-of-hospital birth, Motherwise Midwifery has been growing. In the US, home births have increased 59% from 2004-2012 ( An economic analysis found that an uncomplicated vaginal birth in the hospital in the United States costs on average three times as much as a similar birth at home with a midwife. One study of certified professional midwives demonstrates that they achieve good outcomes among low-risk women without routine use of expensive hospital interventions ( In the UK, the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence has recommended that more women have midwife-led births (

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I will be moving to the Nest Birth & Wellness center in Pullman, WA in July 2020.

Please visit the Nest website for more information or if you would like to contact me.