Motherwise Midwifery Statistics

2013: 30 clients, 0 transfers in labor;
2 transfers for preterm labor; 3 VBACs.
4 transfers out of care prior to labor.

2012: 18 clients, 1 transport
0 cesareans, 4 VBACS

2011: 20 clients, 3 transports
2 cesareans, 1 VBAC, 1 transfer

2010: 17 clients, 2 transports
0 cesareans, 1 VBAC, 1 transfer

Maternal and perinatal deaths - 0

Episiotomy 0

Support for you and your Family

At Motherwise we believe in the power of women's bodies to give birth naturally. Nancy Draznin, CPM, LM has twenty years' experience working with mothers and babies, and has helped hundreds of women achieve satisfying birth experiences.

In the privacy and comfort of their own homes, women are able to relax and give birth naturally. Each woman and each labor is unique. Midwifery care allows every woman to discover how she gives birth guided and supported by her midwife and loved ones. We support the use of warm water as a comfort measure for labor. Many of our babies are born in the water, according to the mother's desires.

As more women have recognized the advantages of home birth, Motherwise Midwifery has been growing. A recent study in the British Medical Journal described the safety of home birth and the economy of midwifery care at home: An economic analysis found that an uncomplicated vaginal birth in hospital in the United States cost on average three times as much as a similar birth at home with a midwife. One study of certified professional midwives suggests that they achieve good outcomes among low risk women without routine use of expensive hospital interventions. This evidence supports the American Public Health Association's recommendation to increase access to out of hospital maternity care services with direct entry midwives in the United States.



We welcome your interest in midwifery care!

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